InCELL Hunter™ ULK1 Kinase Cell Line (HEK 293) Starter Pack

The Starter Pack is a bundle of Assay Complete reagents needed for culturing the specified cell line.

Catalog #: 496-0081C1 Size: Pack


Biological Information
Background Information:
Starter Packs are a convenient, pre-packaged collection of Assay Complete reagents, including the relevant cell culture kit, cell plating reagent, freezing reagent, thawing reagent, and cell detachment reagent for the culture of the 96-0081C1 cell line.
Accession Number:
Product Type:
Cell Line Starter Packs
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
Store at -20°C
Usage Disclaimer:
These products may be covered by issued US and/or foreign patents, patent applications and subject to a Limited Use Label License. Please visit for a list of products that are governed by limited use label license terms and relevant patent and trademark information.
Additional Information
InCELL Hunter™


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