Cell Culture Kits and Reagents

AssayComplete™ cell culture kits and reagents developed by Eurofins DiscoverX® are used for cell culture preparation, maintenance of Eurofins DiscoverX cell lines, and running cell-based assays. These kits and reagents are carefully developed and formulated to provide ideal cell morphology, cell viability, and maximal assay performance for diverse applications from early screening to late-phase drug discovery.

AssayComplete cell culture kits and reagents are available as separate components, bundled as Starter Packs for first-time cell line use, or incorporated as part of assay-ready eXpress™ and bioassay format kits.

These products have been rigorously optimized and functionally tested with Eurofins DiscoverX cell lines to ensure accurate and reproducible assay results, and they are used by Eurofins Discovery screening services daily to generate millions of data points. These kits and reagents allow for immediate experimental execution, eliminating the time-consuming aspect of cell culture assay optimization, reagent planning, finding, and testing of multiple reagent sources and preparation steps.

Eurofins DiscoverX has over two decades of experience creating and optimizing cell culture kits and reagents required for the demands of drug discovery and development projects to support Eurofins DiscoverX engineered cell lines for GPCR, cytokine receptors, checkpoint inhibitors, kinases, and many other popular drug discovery targets and applications.

In addition to the AssayComplete kits and reagents, multiple other reagents such as chemicals, buffers, antibodies, antibiotics, and microplates are also available to provide a convenient solution that yields successful results, while minimizing your overall assay development time.

Product Highlights

  • High Performance - Formulated to provide ideal cell morphology, cell viability, and maximal assay performance to assure successful research outcomes
  • Consistent Results - Optimized for each assay to ensure accurate and reproducible results
  • Dependable - Reliable microplates with high luminescent signal, low background luminescence, optimal cell attachment, and reduced well-to-well cross-talk
  • AssayComplete Cell Culture Kits – Carefully formulated cell culture kits for optimal cell health leading to excellent cell morphology, high cell viability, and maximal assay performance. Propagate Eurofins DiscoverX cell lines in this optimal cell culture environment for reproducible and reliable results.
  • AssayComplete Thawing Reagents – Thawing reagents are designed to revive cells and achieve maximal viability and cell health during recovery of cryopreserved cells. They ensure high yield recovery and improves cell plating efficiency of Eurofins DiscoverX cell lines for highest quality, consistency, and performance every time.
  • AssayComplete Freezing Reagents – Guarantee long-term storage of cells with freezing reagents optimized for consistent cryopreservation of Eurofins DiscoverX cell lines to ensure optimal and reproducible results.
  • AssayComplete Cell Plating Reagents – Maintain high cell viability, maximize ligand responsiveness, and minimize background signal by eliminating additional hormones and growth components that could impact Eurofins DiscoverX cell-based assays.
  • AssayComplete Cell Detachment Reagent – Sustain cell membrane morphology upon detachment of cells from tissue culture plasticware. Formulated and optimized for use with Eurofins DiscoverX cell lines to maintain intact cells and applied during routine cell passaging and preparation of assay plates.
  • AssayComplete Protein Dilution Buffer – Ready-to-use protein dilution buffer is formulated and optimized for Eurofins DiscoverX cell-based assays and cell culture procedures.
  • AssayComplete Antibiotics – Selection antibiotics optimized for use with Eurofins DiscoverX cell-based assays. Sterile-filtered antibiotics with effective killing concentrations that vary with cell type, media, growth conditions, density, and the cell’s metabolic rate and position in the cell cycle.
  • PathHunter Antibodies – High-quality monoclonal antibodies specific for Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) β-galactosidase fragments, enzyme donors ProLabel® and ProLink and enzyme acceptor, and optimized for a broad range of applications including western blot and immunofluorescence
  • Microplates – 96- and 394-well sterile tissue culture treated microplates ensures optimal cell health and attachment, reduced well-to-well cross talk, and enhanced luminescent signal with low-background luminescence
  • Forskolin – Effectively measure cAMP levels with this pre-validated control compound for GPCR HitHunter® cAMP assays and cAMP Hunter™ cell lines. Forskolin activates adenylate cyclase, routinely used in Gαi-coupled GPCR experiments to stimulate cAMP production
  • ATP Gold – Get precise and consistent results using ultrapure ATP with minimal ADP impurity when using with Eurofins DiscoverX Kinase ADP accumulation assays
Instrument Compatibility

Determine which instruments are compatible for luminescent & fluorescence read-outs

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Reagent Calculator

Calculate reagent volumes needed for PathHunter detection kits & AssayComplete kits & reagents

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Enzyme Fragment Complementation Assay Technology

Eurofins DiscoverX’s simple, robust, & homogeneous detection assay system to perform binding & functional screens, screen molecules, & more

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Cell Lines and Primary Cells

Stable cell lines, cell pools, frozen cells, & primary effector cells for a broad range of target classes

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Control Ligands and Inhibitors

Highly purified, pre-validated reference ligands & inhibitors for use with Eurofins DiscoverX cell lines

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Detection Kits & Reagents

Kit & reagents for sensitive quantification of biologics or small molecules to provide accurate pharmacology & reproducible results

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Build Your Own Assay Tools

Complete set of parental cell lines, vectors, kits, & retroparticles to build your own stable cell lines & cell-based assays

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Custom Capabilities

Custom cell lines, kits, assays, & protein development capabilities optimized to fit your requirements

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