Instruments for Luminescence Read-Out

Berthold TechnologiesMithras LB940, CentroLIApc, Mithras LB 943, TriStar S LB 942, Centro /CentroXS LB 960, CentroPRO LB 962
BioTekSynergy 2, Synergy Neo2, Synergy H1, Synergy HTX, Cytation, FLx800
BMGPheraStar, Cytostar, LumiStar, CLARIOstar, POLARstar Omega, FLUOstar Omega, LUMIstar Omega
GELEAD Seeker, Farcyte
HamamatsuFDS6000, FDSS/RayCatcher, FDS7000EX, FDSS/µCell
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax M3/ M4/M5/M5e, FlexStation 3, SpectraMax L, SpectraMax i3x, SpectraMax Paradigm, FilterMax F3 & F5
Perkin ElmerTopCount, Fusion, LumiCount, Envision, Micro-Beta (Trilux), Viewlux, EnSpire, Victor X
PromegaGloMax Systems
TecanUltra, Evolution, Infinite F200 PRO, Infinite F500, Infinite M200 PRO, Infinite M1000 PRO
Thermo Fisher ScientificLuminoskan Ascent, Appliskan, Fluoroskan Ascent FL, Varioskan Flash (LumiSens) and Fluoroskan FL, Luminoskan and Varioskan Lux
Turner BioSystemsModulus Microplate

Instruments and Settings for Fluorescence Read-out (Calcium Fluorescent Assays)

HamamatsuFDSS series kinetic imagers
Molecular DevicesFLIPR series
FlexStation with 8 or 16 channel onboard pipettor
(Not optimal reader, but can be made to work; will result in wider error bars and messier data)
Sample Fluorescent Reader Setting for the Calcium No WashPLUS (Cat. No. 90-0091 series): Excitation 494 nm, Emission 516 nm

Instruments and Settings for Fluorescence Read-out (Other Fluorescent Assays)

ManufacturerInstrument or Instrument Series
BMG LabtechFLUOstar Omega, VANTAstar, CLARIOstar, PHERAstar, PolarStar Optima
HamamatsuFDSS Series
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax Gemini, SpectraMax I series, SpectraMax M series, FlexStation 3
Perkin ElmerVICTOR Nivo, EnSight, EnVision
TecanSpark, Infinite M series, Infinite F series
Thermo Fisher ScientificVarioskan Lux, Fluoroskan series
Sample Fluorescent Reader Setting for the ADP Hunter™ Plus (Cat. No. 90-0083 series): Excitation 530 nm, Emission 590 nm, or Resorufin/Amplex Red settings