Assay Ready Kits

Cell-based Assay Kits from Early Discovery to Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development to Commercial Release and Stability Programs

Eurofins DiscoverX® delivers over 1,200 optimized assay kits provided as ready-to-use (RTU) assays with frozen-ready cells, thus eliminating the need for continuous cell culture to perform cell-based functional or binding assays conveniently and confidently. These assay kits are provided in various phase-appropriate formats, from basic research and drug discovery through clinical development, and into commercial release and stability programs.

The extensive menu of target-based assays covers a broad range of target classes including GPCRs (G protein-coupled receptors); kinase, checkpoint, and cytokine receptors; intercellular signaling targets; nuclear and epigenetic proteins; and other targets. Assay-ready kits contain all the necessary reagents to perform functional or binding whole-cell assays in just a few hours, including frozen, RTU pre-validated cells, optimized detection reagents, and media, 96-well plates, and detailed protocols.

Eurofins DiscoverX offers two types of assay ready kit formats: eXpress and bioassays, that are based on the research or drug discovery and development phase:

  • eXpress Assay Kits — Suited for research purposes only, eXpress assay kits provide quick analysis and implementation in early discovery phases for screening applications, proof-of-concept, mechanism of action (MOA) confirmation, and rank-ordering studies. eXpress assay kits are not recommended or supported for use in pre-clinical development phases, including characterization or potency testing in QC lot release programs.
  • Bioassay Kits — The appropriate format to use and implement for characterization, MOA confirmation, detection of neutralizing antibodies, and potency testing in commercial release and stability applications for biologics drug development programs. The Eurofins DiscoverX bioassay kits have been developed, optimized, and several qualified with marketed drugs following International Council for Harmonization (ICH) guidelines to meet market requirements and regulatory expectations.


Minimize assay development time and eliminate lengthy, expensive, and time-consuming cell culture with quick analysis eXpress assay kits or qualified, MOA-based bioassays that are ready-to-use and ensure robust and reliable performance every time.

Product Highlights

  • Complete Kits – Over 1,200 off-the-shelf kits with cryopreserved RTU cells and all the optimized reagents you need to get you started quickly
  • Rapid and Reliable Results – Analyze multiple targets or screen and profile small and large molecules in-house using simple step-by-step, homogeneous, no-wash protocols for reliable, fast results
  • Scalable and Standard Instrumentation – High throughput, scalable format for increased efficiency and compatible on any standard luminometer with a chemiluminescent read-out
  • Phase-Appropriate Formats – Utilize quick analysis eXpress assay kits for early discovery studies, or qualified bioassays for QC lot release testing and stability studies
  • Consider Eurofins DiscoverX’s custom development capabilities for custom cell lines, assays, & enzyme development.

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