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KINOMEscan℠ Webinar Series

Accelerating kinase drug discovery

In this webinar series, we showcase how KINOMEscan, DiscoverX's premier kinase profiling solution, can address your kinase drug discovery challenges from discovery to lead optimization and beyond.  Topics covered include general technology overview as well as focused topics covering experimental set up (how to design screens) and data analysis.
Webinars will continue to be added to this series, please check back often.


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December 7, 2016 Webinar: The Interplay of Kinase Broad Profiling and Phenotypic Screening - 60 min.

What will be covered?

  • Learn about the significance of kinase broad profiling and phenotypic screening on early kinase drug discovery
  • Learn how to design a kinase inhibitor broad profiling project and how the chemo-bioinformatic analysis can impact target deconvolution after phenotypic screening
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July 20, 2016 Webinar: Introduction to KINOMEscan: Broad Applications to Drive Drug Discovery - 60 min.

What will be covered?

  • Overview of the KINOMEscan assay technology
  • Application of the KINOMEscan platform for selectivity and potency optimization
  • Development of chemical probes for understudied kinases
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June 17, 2016 データまで二週間:キナーゼ・ブロモドメイン・アポトーシス阻害剤を評価 - 60 min.

What will be covered?

  • KINOMEscanアッセイ原理の詳細:結合系と機能系を比較
  • 新規キナーゼ標的:CDK10, CDK12, CDK20, MLKL and MLKL (full length), IRAK2 等
  • 40種類ものブロモドメインに対する阻害剤を評価
  • アポトーシス阻害剤の同定:BCL2scan
  • scanMAX報告書から得られる、裏データ・裏情報のご紹介
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