About Eurofins DiscoverX

Trusted Products to eXpedite Your Discovery & Development – Advance Confidently

Eurofins DiscoverX® is recognized as the trusted product solutions provider supporting therapeutic drug discovery and development scientists. As the products company of Eurofins Discovery, and part of the Eurofins BioPharma global network, DiscoverX has earned this reputation over the past two decades by contributing to the discovery and development of life-saving therapeutics with our trusted and validated cell-based assay products used in the screening of billions of data points and validation of many therapeutics. The DiscoverX product portfolio is comprised of fit-for-purpose solutions, from ready-to-use assay kits, stable engineered cell lines, membrane preps, recombinant proteins/enzymes, and qualified reagents, to support your therapeutic drug programs from discovery, through development, and into commercial release and stability with innovative products to accelerate your programs with confidence.


Eurofins DiscoverX develops and manufactures cell-based assays, engineered cell lines, proteins, reagents, and custom development capabilities for drug discovery and development programs from our two R&D Manufacturing Centers of Excellence: USA (San Francisco Bay Area, California) and the EU (France). Our California site focuses on product solutions based on Eurofins DiscoverX®'s patented Enzyme Complementation Technology (EFC) technology to interrogate biomolecular reactions for advancing therapeutic drug screening and development programs. This technology is the basis behind our cell-based assays used for basic research and discovery through the commercial release of many small molecule drugs and biological therapeutics now on the market, with many more to come. Our France site focuses on the development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins, including high-quality active, inactive, unactive, and mutant kinases that originated as part of Upstate and became part of Merck Millipore.


Rediscover how Eurofins DiscoverX’s expertise and trusted products can help accelerate your programs and enable you to advance your drug to the next phase with confidence. Utilize end-to-end support every step of the way for your programs from discovery to QC lot release.

Our Mission

Your goal is to be first to market with the best-in-class therapeutics while ensuring long-term success – that is where we come in. At Eurofins DiscoverX, we are committed to empowering and accelerating your multi-modality drug discovery and development from discovery to QC lot release. Our portfolio of high-quality products and custom solutions allows you to expedite your research, and move your candidate through the drug discovery pipeline faster.

Capabilities Highlights

  • Enabling Technologies and Robust Assays – Improve productivity and effectiveness of your target validation, screening, lead optimization, and structure-activity relationships campaigns to accelerate the advancement of new therapeutics
  • Comprehensive Portfolio – Offering the largest available portfolio of cell-based functional and binding assays, cell lines, and proteins covering the top therapeutic target classes including GPCRs, kinases, checkpoint and cytokine receptors, ion channels, and more
  • Support Every Step of the Way – End-to-end support for your programs from discovery, through development, to commercial release and stability QC lot release testing