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Do-It-Yourself Webinar Series

Creating Your Own Cell-Based Assays

Eurofins DiscoverX has a toolbox of cells, vectors, and reagents which can jumpstart and accelerate the generation of cell-based assays that fit your specific project needs, such as analyzing different cell types or modifications of your protein target like mutants or orthologs. This webinar series focuses on the tools, workflows, and applications for creating your own cell-based assays.
Webinars will continue to be added to this series, so please check back often.


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September 20, 2017 Webinar: Create Your Own Cell-Based Assays to Study Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Function - 30 min.

What will be covered?

  • RTK biology and drug discovery importance
  • Tools needed to create your own RTK cell lines and assays
  • Experimental design and workflows
  • Applications of RTK and related cell-based assays