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BioMAP℠ Webinar Series

BioMAP® -  solutions for phenotypic drug discovery

In this webinar series, we showcase how to apply the unique BioMAP platform of predictive human-based models to the discovery and development of safer and more efficacious therapeutics and chemicals. BioMAP profiles provide actionable data to guide lead selection, lead optimization (SAR), mechanistic understanding of compound action, and nomination of candidates for preclinical development. Topics covered include general technology overview as well as focused topics covering introduction and overview, data analysis, oncology, safety and toxicology and more.
Webinars will continue to be added to this series, so please check back often.


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April 19, 2017 Webinar: Combining Target-Based and Phenotypic Discovery Assays for Drug Repurposing - 40 min.

What will be covered?

  • Using phenotypic profiling to characterize clinically successful drugs for a given indication
  • Combining target-based and phenotypic data to prioritize drugs for repurposing
  • Understanding how multi-targeted kinases can be pivoted towards new indications
September 30, 2016 Webinar: Immuno-Oncology Drug Development: Profiling Immunomodulatory Biologics and Compounds in Human Primary Cell-Based Oncology Models - 60 min.

What will be covered?

  • Overview of the BioMAP® immuno-oncology/oncology systems
  • Information BioMAP iOnc studies provide
  • Host stromal/vascular - tumor microenvironment biology
  • Case studies of profiling Ab therapies (anti-PD-1, anti-CTLA-4, etc.) and preclinical compounds