Development of a Topical Treatment for Psoriasis Targeting RORγ: From Bench to Skin.

Authors: Smith SH, Peredo CE, Takeda Y, Bui T, Neil J, Rickard D, Millerman E, Therrien J-P, Nicodeme E, Brusq J-M, Birault V, Viviani F, Hofland H, Jetten AM, Cote-Sierra J.
Publisher/Year: PLOS ONE. 2016;11(2):e0147979.
Pub Med ID/Journal ID: PMID: 26870941


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder involving marked immunological changes. IL-17-targeting biologics have been successful in reducing the disease burden of psoriasis patients with moderate-to-severe disease. Unfortunately, the stratum corneum prevents penetration of large molecule weight proteins, including monoclonal antibodies. Thus, for the majority of psoriasis patients ineligible for systemic treatments, a small molecule targeting RORγt, the master regulator of IL-17 family cytokines, may represent an alternative topical medicine with biologic-like efficacy.