Exploring bioanalytical applications of assisted protein reassembly

Authors: SapnaK. Deo
Publisher/Year: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2004; 379(3): 383-390.
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Reassembly of protein from its peptide fragments is a technique that can have many applications in the bioanalytical field. Typically, a reporter protein fragmented into its two peptides is employed as a label in this study. This fragments of peptide can reassemble yielding an active functional reporter. This reassembly of the protein can be assisted by non-covalently interacting peptides or proteins, which are attached to the fragmented reporter. This technique has been employed in several applications including study of protein–protein interactions, antibody screening, immunoassays, and high-throughput screening. This review focuses on different reporters employed in the study of reassembly of proteins and applications of this strategy in bioanalysis.