Instrument Compatibility Chart

Instruments for Luminescence Read-Out

Company Instrument
Berthold Technologies Mithras LB940, CentroLIApc, Mithras LB 943, TriStar S LB 942, Centro /CentroXS LB 960, CentroPRO LB 962
BioTek Synergy 2, Synergy Neo2, Synergy H1, Synergy HTX, Cytation, FLx800
BMG PheraStar, Cytostar, LumiStar, CLARIOstar, POLARstar Omega, FLUOstar Omega, LUMIstar Omega
GE LEAD Seeker, Farcyte
Hamamatsu FDS6000, FDSS/RayCatcher, FDS7000EX, FDSS/µCell
Molecular Devices SpectraMax M3/ M4/M5/M5e, FlexStation 3, SpectraMax L, SpectraMax i3x, SpectraMax Paradigm, FilterMax F3 & F5
Perkin Elmer TopCount, Fusion, LumiCount, Envision, Micro-Beta (Trilux), Viewlux, EnSpire, Victor X
Promega GloMax Systems
Tecan Ultra, Evolution, Infinite F200 PRO, Infinite F500, Infinite M200 PRO, Infinite M1000 PRO
Thermo Fisher Scientific Luminoskan Ascent, Appliskan, Fluoroskan Ascent FL, Varioskan Flash (LumiSens) and Fluoroskan FL, Luminoskan and Varioskan Lux
Turner BioSystems Modulus Microplate

Instruments for Fluorescence Read-Out

Company Instrument and Excitations/Emissions Information
BMG PolarStar Optima: Excitation 544 nm, Emission 590 nm
Hamamatsu FDSS: Excitation 494 nm, Emission 516 nm
Molecular Devices SpectraMax Gemini: Excitation 535 nm, Emission 590 nm; Kinetic mode
SpectraMax Gemini XPS/EM: Excitation 530, Emission 590
FlexStation 3: SpectraMax M2/M2e/M3/M4/M5/M5e;
Excitation 530, Emission 590 (or Excitation 494 nm, Emission 516 nm)
FLIPR: Excitation 494 nm, Emission 516 nm
Perkin Elmer

EnVision: Resorufin/Amplex Red FP Emission 535, 40 Filter, Emission 595, 60 Filter
Victor: Excitation 530 nm, Filter 15 mm Diameter, 8 nm Bandwidth; Emission 590 nm, Filter 25.4 mm Diameter, 10 nm Bandwidth
ViewLux: Excitation 525 nm, Filter 20 nm Bandwidth; Emission 598 nm, Filter 25 nm Bandwidth
Tecan Ultra & Spectra: Excitation 530 nm, Emission 590 nm
Thermal Fisher Scientific Fluoroskan: Excitation 530 nm HBW 10 nm/ Emission filter 590 nm Half Bandwidth 14 nm
Fluoroskan FL: Excitation 530 nm HBW 10 nm/ Emission filter 590 nm Half Bandwidth 14 nm
Varioskan Lux: Excitation 530 nm, Emission 590 nm (or Excitation 494 nm, Emission 516 nm)

Instruments for Flash Luminescence Read-Out

Company Instrument Specifications
CyBio LUMAX CCD imager 1 minute to 5.5 minutes for a 384-well plate
Hamamatsu FDSS
Perkin Elmer LUMILUX