BioMAP® T Cell Autoimmune Panel

    The T Cell Autoimmune Panel includes BioMAP systems comprised of complex co-cultures of immune and adherent human primary cell types. These cell-based assay systems model adaptive immune cell microenvironment and T and B cell responses in a platform amenable to compound screening. BioMAP technology measures physiologically relevant biomarker readouts (proteins, small molecule mediators, etc.), which permits insight into biological mechanism of action, efficacy and safety related effects of compounds.

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T Cell Autoimmune Panel Service


  • Compound profiling (chemicals or biologics) in selected BioMAP Systems
  • 4 doses in triplicate


  • Annotation Identification and biological intrepretation of relevant BioMAP activities
  • Benchmarking Direct comparison of test agent to seven (7) standard-of-care reference compounds (Cyclosporine A, Everolimus, Ibrutinib, Idelalisib, Infliximab, Prednisolone, Tofacitinib)


  • Study Report BioMAP profile plots, annotation of statistically significant activities with respect to biological significance, a HeatMAP analysis of test and seven (7) immune-cell targeting standard-of-care drugs and a T Cell Analysis Table comparatively scores the test agent against the seven SoC. 
  • Data Report Log ratio data tables, 95% significance envelope, table of cytotoxicities, table of active readouts

Available Systems & Readouts

System ▲RelevanceCell TypeBiomarker Readout
/TH2Allergy, Asthma, OncologyTH2 blasts + Venular endothelial cellsCCL2/MCP-1, CCL26/Eotaxin-3, CD106/VCAM-1, CD38, CD40, CD62E/E-Selectin, CD62P/P-Selectin, CD69, CD87/uPAR, Collagen IV, CXCL8/IL-8, CXCL9/MIG, PBMC Cytotoxicity, sIL-17A, sIL-17F, SRB
BTAllergy, Asthma, Autoimmunity, OncologyB cells + Peripheral blood mononuclear cellsB cell Proliferation, PBMC Cytotoxicity, Secreted IgG, sIL-17A, sIL-17F, sIL-2, sIL-6, sTNF-α
HDFSAgAutoimmune Disease, Chronic Inflammation, Rheumatoid ArthritisDermal fibroblasts + Peripheral blood mononuclear cellsCCL2/MCP-1, CD106/VCAM-1, Collagen I, CXCL10/IP-10, CXCL8/IL-8, CXCL9/MIG, M-CSF, MMP-1, sIL-10, sIL-17A, sIL-17F, sIL-2, sIL-6, SRB, sTGF-β 1, sTNF-α, sVEGF
SAgAutoimmune Disease, Chronic InflammationPeripheral blood mononuclear cells + Venular endothelial cellsCCL2/MCP-1, CD38, CD40, CD62E/E-Selectin, CD69, CXCL8/IL-8, CXCL9/MIG, PBMC Cytotoxicity, Proliferation, SRB