BioMAP® - Complete Phenotypic Drug Discovery Solutions

Whether you're investigating small molecules or biologics, elucidating regulatory and feedback mechanisms, or scanning for safety pharmacology and investigative tox, BioMAP informs drug discovery at every stage of drug discovery. Leverage the benefits of the industry's largest, most comprehensive portfolio of human primary cell assay systems for phenotypic drug discovery and a rich combination of biological expertise &  drug discovery experience with the convenience of outsourced screening and profiling to accelerate your program goals.

BioMAP Diversity PLUS The Diversity PLUS panel consists of 12 BioMAP Systems containing early passage primary human cell types from multiple tissues that represent a broad range of human biology relevant to multiple therapeutic areas. Cells are cultured alone or as co-cultures and stimulated with a combination of factors (e.g. cytokines, growth factors, mediators, etc.) to recapitulate the multi-component signalling networks associated with disease states. Diversity PLUS is our most comprehensive panel (148 readouts) and is an ideal tool for phenotypic drug discovery, competitive analysis and comparison to clinical standards of care and more.  Learn more >>

BioMAP T Cell Autoimmune Panel The T Cell Autoimmune Panel includes BioMAP systems comprised of complex co-cultures of immune and adherent human primary cell types. These cell-based assay systems model adaptive immune cell microenvironment and T and B cell responses in a platform amenable to compound screening. BioMAP technology measures physiologically relevant biomarker readouts (proteins, small molecule mediators, etc.), which permits insight into biological mechanism of action, efficacy and safety related effects of compounds. Learn more >>

BioMAP System ELECT Systems ELECT allows the flexibility to choose any individual or combination of available BioMAP Systems to create your own customized BioMAP panel.  Systems ELECT can be used as a follow up tool for Diversity PLUS™ studies, compound characterization &  prioritization in primary human cell disease models and lead optimization.  Learn more >>

BioMAP Oncology Panels Oncology Panels are complex co-cultures of tumor cell lines and early passage primary human cell types. These cell-based assay systems model solid tumor-host stromal or vascular and immune cell microenvironment in a platform amenable to compound screening. BioMAP Oncology Systems recapitulate the complex disease relevant signaling pathways that manifest in a tumor by stimulating primary stromal, vascular and immune cell types in a presence of a tumor cell line. Learn more >>

Custom Discovery Projects Drawing on our extensive expertise, database and computational tools, we can perform a variety of custom projects involving existing BioMAP systems and/or new human primary cells assays to inform your discovery programs. Examples of previous projects include: development of custom BioMAP assays and systems, BioMAP assays with patient cells (where available) for drug validation and patient classification, Whole genome expression analyses of drug-treated BioMAP Systems for discovery of potential pharmacodynamic biomarkers and more!  Learn more >>

Collaborations Discover what our pharma partners have known for years - we create value by enhancing and expediting the drug discovery and development process, from library and lead discovery screening to lead optimization, preclinical and clinical development. Our innovative team includes experts in biology, drug discovery, high throughput laboratory automation and bioinformatics and enjoy opportunities to explore new ways in which to position our technology portfolio to build and sustain value-creating integrated drug discovery solutions to meet partner needs at every stage. Learn more >>