Find the Best Indication for Your Lead Compounds with BioMAP® for Indication Selection

Early selection and validation of a primary indication for new compound progression or identifying secondary indications for repositioning approved drugs is key for maximizing returns on research and development efforts, and ensuring clinical success and market impact. However, many in vitro approaches and animal models lack the comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of how and where a candidate molecule will have the best clinical outcomes.  The BioMAP® Phenotypic Screening Platform is an industry-validated, target-agnostic, in vitro assay designed to test and translate the impact of an agent across diverse, clinically relevant human disease models. Our services will guide indication selection for target selective and non-selective agents such that the inherent polypharmacology can be identified as either beneficial, with enhanced or broader efficacy, or may confer an increased risk of adverse outcomes.  

BioMAP is a physiologically relevant and evidence-based approach to guide the efficient selection of appropriate disease indications.

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BioMAP Data Supports IND Applications

BioMAP for Indicatoin Selection