Find the Best New Indication, Fast, with BioMAP® Drug Repositioning Services

Prioritizing alternative or secondary indications suitable for an approved drug or late stage candidate is a challenge that requires evidence-based guidance prior to the start of expensive and lengthy in vivo studies.  The BioMAP Phenotypic Profiling Platform utilizes physiologically and clinically relevant human primary cell-based disease models as a powerful tool that can identify novel efficacy and predict disease impact outside the primary or approved indications.

By adding BioMAP to your drug repurposing program you will:
  • Give new life to drugs and candidates by quickly identifying new indications across a broad range of tissue and disease states
  • Find new markets faster by using a platform that integrates hundreds of assays across dozens of disease states
  • Get direct consultation with BioMAP scientists for personalized data analysis and interpretation to guide candidate advancement

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BioMAP Accelerates Drug Repositioning Programs

Drug Repositioning with BioMAP