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Outsourcing Your Drug Discovery Begins Here

Outsourcing of drug discovery efforts shorten development timelines by reducing the need to dedicate in-house resources to design and validate a multitude of assays. To fully assist drug discovery and development, Eurofins DiscoverX provides unique and proprietary assay solutions that span the entire drug discovery continuum and support both target-based and phenotypic discovery.

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BioMAP® Phenotypic Services

In Vivo Insights with the Speed and Ease of an In Vitro Assay

BioMAP® Phenotypic Profiling Services

This service provides drug developers a simple, in vitro solution for gathering the most clinically relevant insights about efficacy and safety of a compound or lead molecule. With over 60 human primary cell-based models of tissue and disease biology, profile a compound‘s effects across 100’s of protein biomarkers and compare performance and mechanistic behavior to over thousands of reference compounds.

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LeadHunter® Target-Based Services

The Broadest Cell-Based Functional Assay Coverage

PathHunter® Screening & Profiling Services

Over 700 cell-based assays that can be used in all stages of drug discovery from target validation and hit identification to lead optimization. The most comprehensive assay offering for over 9 target classes, such as GPCRs, and the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

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The Broadest Kinome Coverage

KINOMEscan® Screening & Profiling Services

With the most comprehensive kinase assay menu and the fastest turnaround time, this service enables you to determine compound selectivity and potency at every step in your drug discovery process. Measure thermodynamic Kd values and analyze inter-kinase inhibitor SAR easily.

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Functional Data for Improved Off-Target Liability Testing

SAFETYscan In Vitro Pharmacological Profiling Services

Designed for lead optimization and safety profiling, SAFETYscan offers functional a
ssays with human targets for safety screening, improving upon traditional rodent-based binding assays. Assess specificity of lead compounds early in development for more informed compound safety decision making.

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Comprehensive Panels for Selectivity, Safety Profiling, and Target Validation

LeadHunter® Drug Discovery Services Panels

With over 15 years of experience in Kinase and GPCR drug discovery, Eurofins DiscoverX offers the largest collection of biochemical and cell-based assays for screening compounds across selectivity and safety panels. LeadHunter Service panels expedite decision making during SAR in Lead Optimization.

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Custom Assay Development Services

The Custom Assay Development program develops tailor-made cell lines optimized for your needs, enabling you to jump start your drug discovery programs. The cell-based assays created by our team help your program move faster and solve your difficult assay development challenges while saving you time, money, and resources. Learn More

Services by Target Type

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