[User Manual] PathHunter® EA Parental Cell Lines

[User Manual] PathHunter® EA Parental Cell Lines
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The PathHunter EA Parental Cell Lines are engineered cell lines that stably express a particular reporter protein fused to a large β–galactosidase (β-gal) enzyme reporter fragment called EA (enzyme acceptor). The EA parental cell lines have various cell backgrounds and are intended to be used with ProLabel®/ ProLink™-tagged proteins to create assays to study subcellular translocation (e.g. including membrane receptor trafficking), SH2 recruitment for receptor kinases, or GPCR β-arrestin recruitment.

This user manual covers the storage and handling of EA parental cell lines as well as the introduction and selection for stable expression of a ProLabel/ ProLink-tagged target protein. For protein translocation and β-arrestin recruitment assay development protocols, please refer to DiscoverX application-specific user manuals as indicated in ‘Detection and Assay’ section of this user manual.