[User Manual] InCELL Pulse™ Cellular Target Engagement Assays

[User Manual] InCELL Pulse™ Cellular Target Engagement Assays

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InCELL Pulse Cellular Target Engagement Assays are 96-well plate format kits for the assessment of inhibitor cellular potency. The assay uses DiscoverX’s proprietary enzyme fragment complementation (EFC) technology to measure compound-dependent thermal stabilization of target proteins in a cellular context. InCELL Pulse enables the measurement of quantitative inhibitor EC50 values and employs a simple protocol requiring minimal hands-on time.

The kits contain all reagents needed for a complete experiment including cells, cell plating reagents, detection reagents, and plates. The streamlined and rapid assay protocol does not require cumbersome sample processing, washing, centrifugation, or readout steps. Simply plate the cells, incubate with your compound of interest, perform the pulse denaturation, add detection reagents, and read the luminescent signal on a standard luminometer.