BioMAP® Oncology Panels

BioMAP® Oncology Panels


Tumors do not propagate in isolation, but as a part of a complex interaction of stroma, vasculature, immune cells, and the tumor itself. This intricate microenvironment is much more than the sum of its parts, which explains why it so difficult to broadly predict the behavior of a cancer drug candidate based simply on the effect it has on isolated tumor cells or cell monoculture. Xenograft models attempt to look at potential drug effects on a tumor in situ, however, the tumor microenvironment and immune response is predominantly mouse and not representative of a human patient. The BioMAP Oncology Panel was built to assess the effect of drug candidates in a complex human tumor-host microenvironment. By modeling the tumor-mediated immuno-suppression that is seen in vivo, the BioMAP platform recapitulates the clinical effects of both candidate and standard-of-care drugs.