[User Manual] PathHunter® Aflibercept Bioassay HS Kit

[User Manual] PathHunter® Aflibercept Bioassay HS Kit
Rev 1

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PathHunter Aflibercept Bioassay HS Kit delivers a robust, highly sensitive, and easy-to-use functional cell-based assay to determine Aflibercept drug potency and detect neutralizing antibodies. This bioassay HS kit has been optimized further to deliver reproducible results with lower variability. The bioassay kit contains all the materials needed for a complete assay, including cryopreserved cells, detection reagents, cell plating reagent, positive control agonist, and assay plates. The ready-to-use cryopreserved cells have been manufactured to ensure assay reproducibility and faster implementation from characterization to lot release. This bioassay has been optimized and qualified with the marketed biologic drug, Eylea® which is not provided in the bioassay kit. Eylea® is a registered trademark of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.