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HitHunter® - in vitro Biochemical Assay Platform


HitHunter biochemical assays are designed as homogenous, competitive assays for precise, highly sensitive detection of specific analytes. In these assays, ED is conjugated to the analyte of interest (cAMP or cGMP), which competes against free analyte for binding to a binding protein. Depending on the analyte of interest, the binding protein can be an antibody, an enzyme, or a receptor.

HitHunter EFC Assay Principle

In the absence of free ligand, ED-conjugates are captured by the binding protein and are unavailable for complementation, resulting in low signal. In the presence of free ligand, binding protein sites are occupied by free ligand; free ED-conjugate complements with EA, forming active β-gal enzyme that hydrolyzes substrate to produce a chemiluminescent signal.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemiluminescent detection - minimizes false positives from autofluorescence
  • Reliable and robust assay with high Z' (0.75)
  • HTS-friendly - adaptable to 96,384 and 1536 applications
  • Large assay windows

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Competitive Immunoassays

A homogenous biochemical competition immunoassay format based on the HitHunter EFC assay plaform that enables precise, highly sensitive detection of specific analytes.