Methyltransferase Targets

DiscoverX offers several unique, validated cell-based and biochemical assay solutions for compound binding to methyltransferase targets that utilize the proprietary Enzyme Fragment Complementation technology. For cellular applications, the InCELL Hunter™ platform provides the ability to determine compound engagement to a methyltransferase target in a native cellular environment. For biochemical applications, the HitHunter® Pulse platform can be used for in vitro biochemical assessment of compound binding to a methyltransferase target and the measurement of inhibitor potencies.

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Measure Compound Permeability, Binding and Cellular Potency




InCELL Hunter™ G9a (A) and GLP (B) cells were stimulated with UNC0638 for 6h and signal was detected using InCELL Hunter™ Detection kit. Increasing compound concentrations resulted in increased signal demonstrating specific compound binding to the target.

InCELL Hunter™ Methyltransferase Assay Benefits

  • Confirm leads from primary screens
  • Rank order compounds based on cellular binding and potency
  • Suitable for compound library screening
  • Available as ready-to-use kits & cell lines