Bromodomain Targets

Largest Portfolio of Biochemical & Cell-Based Bromodomain Assays
DiscoverX  offers a comprehensive menu of products and services for Bromodomains that provide reliable and quantitative biochemical data as well as cellular potency information and can be applied to screening, lead optimization or selectivity profiling to identify highly potent and selective bromodomain inhibitors. Our combined solutions portfolio lets you measure: potency, selectivity, cellular activity and more.

BROMOscan® Biochemical Screening & Profiling Services Platform

DiscoverX offers 34 validated bromodomain assays available in a variety of flexible screening and profiling formats to identify and optimize potent and selective small molecule bromodomain inhibitors. See how BROMOscan works »

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Compound-Target Engagement Assays

DiscoverX offers several unique, validated cell-based and biochemical assay solutions for compound binding to bromodomain targets that utilize the proprietary Enzyme Fragment Complementation technology. For cellular applications, the InCELL Hunter™ platform provides the ability to determine compound engagement to a bromodomain target in a native cellular environment.
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