G protein-coupled receptor 120 (mGPR120)

Target Class
Free fatty acid
Official Symbol
Accession Number
Alias Names
AI552415; G protein-coupled receptor 120; G-protein coupled receptor 120; G-protein coupled receptor GT01; G-protein-coupled receptor GT01; GT01; Gpr120; KPG_013; omega-3 fatty acid receptor 1
Receptor for medium and long-chain free fatty acid (FAA). Signals via a G(q)/G(11)-coupled pathway. Acts as a receptor for omega-3 fatty acids and mediates robust anti- inflammatory effects particularly in macrophages and fat cells. The anti-inflammatory effects involve inhibition of TAK1 through a beta-arrestin 2 (ARRB2)/TAB1 dependent effect, but independent of G(q)/G(11)-coupled pathway. Mediates potent insulin sensitizing and antidiabetic effects by repressing macrophage-induced tissue inflammation. Mediates the taste of fatty acids.
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