G-protein coupled receptor 75 (GPR75)

Target Class
Class A Orphan
Official Symbol
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Alias Names
G protein-coupled receptor 75; GPRchr2; WI31133; probable G-protein coupled receptor 75
GPR75 is a member of the G protein-coupled receptor family. GPRs are cell surface receptors that activate guanine-nucleotide binding proteins upon the binding of a ligand.[supplied by OMIM, Jul 2002] Some recent data have shown that GPR75 could be a novel target in diseases associated with metabolic syndrome including obesity, dyslipidemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease. 20-HETE, which is the metabolic product of the ω-hydroxylation of arachidonic acid by cytochrome P450 (CYP) 4A and 4F isozymes, has been proposed as the endogenous ligand of GPR75. [provided by ScienceDirect, Jan 2022]
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Class A Orphan

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β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0363E2ACP1M
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