Cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 5 (M5)

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HM5; acetylcholine receptor, muscarinic 5; cholinergic receptor, muscarinic 5; muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M5
The muscarinic cholinergic receptors belong to a larger family of G protein-coupled receptors. The functional diversity of these receptors is defined by the binding of acetylcholine and includes cellular responses such as adenylate cyclase inhibition, phosphoinositide degeneration, and potassium channel mediation. Muscarinic receptors influence many effects of acetylcholine in the central and peripheral nervous system. The clinical implications of this receptor are unknown; however, stimulation of this receptor is known to increase cyclic AMP levels. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
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Assay Readout Background Species Cell Line
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0519C2
Internalization U2OS Human 93-0657C3
Assay Readout Background Species Assay Kit
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0519E2CP0M
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0519E2CP0L
Internalization U2OS Human 93-0657E3CP5M
Internalization U2OS Human 93-0657E3CP5L
KINOMEscan TKscan BROMOscan NHRscan GPCRscan PATHscan
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