Programmed cell death 1 ligand 1 (PDL1)

Target Class
Checkpoint Receptor
T cell receptor ligand (inhibitory)
Official Symbol
Accession Number
Alias Names
PDCD1LG2 ; B7DC; Btdc; CD273; PDCD1L2; PDL2; bA574F11.2
Programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) is a 40kDa type 1 transmembrane protein that has been speculated to play a major role in suppressing the immune system during particular events such as pregnancy, tissue allografts, autoimmune disease and other disease states such as hepatitis. Normally the immune system reacts to foreign antigens where there is some accumulation in the lymph nodes or spleen which triggers a proliferation of antigen-specific CD8+ T cell. The formation of PD-1 receptor / PD-L1 or B7.1 receptor /PD-L1 ligand complex transmits an inhibitory signal which reduces the proliferation of these CD8+ T cells at the lymph nodes.
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Assay Measures Background Species Cell Line
Ligand Presenting U2OS Human 93-1066C3
Dimerization U2OS Human 93-1129C3
Transcriptional Reporter U2OS Human 93-1154C3
KINOMEscan TKscan BROMOscan NHRscan GPCRscan PATHscan