TREEspot Compound Profile Visualization Tool

Compound Visualization Made Possible!

TREEspot is an innovative, secure access, web-based, compound profile visualization tool for analysis of KINOMEscan® and BROMOscan screening data. TREEspot is an ideal companion tool for existing data analysis applications and facilitates compound profile visualization through it's simple yet powerful user interface.

Gain new perspectives in a visual environment and distill essential knowledge to drive your discovery programs.  TREEspot is provided as a complimentary tool to our clients. To learn more about how you can visualize your data using TREEspot or to request access credentials, please contact us.


Features & Benefits

  • NEW! - Bromodomain assays
  • All kinases mapped
  • Easy-to-use
  • Facilitates evaluation & analysis of profiling data
  • Generate publication quality TREEspot images
  • Provides global visualization of profile data

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TREEspot v5.0 Now Available!

For the first time ever, TREEspot 5.0 allows you to fully visualize compound interactions across our industry leading kinase & bromodomain protein panels!
  • Uniform format & presentation
  • Updated nomenclature
  • User selectable potency cut-off to filter data

Sample Screenshots      

treespot sample screenshot
Load compound study data using our secure access web portal and choose display parameters.