PathHunter® Screening & Profiling Services

Discover Next Generation Targeted Therapeutics with Cell-Based Functional Assays

Choose the Best Molecules for Preclinical and Clinical Study

Eurofins DiscoverX’s PathHunter Screening and Profiling Services offers greater than 700 cell-based assays that can be used in all stages of drug discovery from target validation and hit identification to lead optimization. With the most comprehensive GPCR assay offering and fastest turnaround time in the industry, these services assist in the identification of new targets with tool compounds or enable determination of efficacy, potency, and selectivity for potential drug candidates.
GPCR Profiling Services

Target Identification with Broad Panel Profiling

Jump Start New GPCR Programs with gpcrMAX and orphanMAX Panels

The largest commercial panel of functional cell-based assays available, gpcrMAX contains a set of GPCR’s covering over 60 distinct receptor families including Adrenergic, Dopamine, P2Y, Serotonin and many others. gpcrMAX and orphanMAX panels are an ideal choice to validate new targets or identify off-target liabilities early so the best candidates can move into clinical trials.

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GPCR Screening & Profiling

Evaluate Compound Mechanism of Action or Binding Mode

The GPCR profiling service offers a collection of over 600 naturally coupled stable GPCR cell lines that enable multiple downstream signaling events to be studied in response to compound activation. Whether your focus is hit identification, selectivity profiling, or SAR optimization, these services can reduce the time and cost of GPCR drug discovery. Determine compound mechanism of action or choose a compound that shows ligand bias for development in the clinic.

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iONCscan Services for Checkpoint Receptors

Evaluate Potency, Stability, or Rank Order Drug Molecules

Eurofins DiscoverX’s iONCscan services offer an expanding menu of cell-based assays that can enable screening & potency determination for new immunotherapy drugs. Assays include signaling assays for PD1, OX40, CD137 and an expanding menu of targets. Assays are specific and sensitive and most show biologically relevant responses and can be used for the discovery of small molecules or biologics.

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Nuclear Hormone Receptor Screening & Profiling

Measure NHR Translocation or Co-Activator Interaction

Nuclear Hormone Receptor Screening and Profiling Services offers over 18 different cellular assays that monitor receptor activation by either nuclear translocation or NHR co-activator interaction. These services can be used to profile compounds against a broad panel of assays for identification of new targets or determination of safety or selectivity of potential drug candidates. They can also be used to determine potency or rank ordering of potential hit or lead molecules.

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Interleukin Screening & Profiling

Discover Molecules that Activate or Inhibit Interleukin Receptors

Eurofins DiscoverX offers cell-based assay services for interleukins that are highly specific and can be used to identify molecules that activate or inhibit Interleukin receptors and enable rapid development of drugs targeting immune-system disorders. These assays can be used to determine potency or rank ordering of potential hit or lead molecules.

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Discover Kinase Inhibitors with Cell-Based Assays

Identify Modulators of Receptor or Cytosolic Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

Eurofins DiscoverX offers services for over 50 cell based assays for receptor tyrosine kinase and cytosolic receptor kinases. Unlike biochemical assays that commonly use a truncated version of the receptor, our cell-based kinase assays utilize wild-type, full length proteins that allow all steps in receptor activation to be monitored.  This whole cell assay platform is ideal for identifying novel receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors, allosteric modulators or antibody therapeutics.

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Pathway Screening & Profiling

Identify Molecules that Activate or Inhibit Signal Transduction Pathways

Pathway Profiling Services provides you access to a comprehensive collection of cell-based pathway indicator assays designed to detect activation or inhibition of complex signal transduction pathways in response to compound treatment. Services can be used to identify activators or inhibitors of signal transduction pathways.

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PathHunter Screening & Profiling Resources

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