Explore LeadHunter® Drug Discovery Services Panels

On-Target and Off-Target Screening & Profiling

Designed for lead optimization and safety pharmacology profiling, LeadHunter panels can be used to rapidly assess a compound’s on-target activity or off-target liability. In addition, these panels offer functional or binding assays that can be used to validate new targets or tool compounds. With the fastest turnaround times and the largest menu of assays, the LeadHunter Services panels serve as ideal tools to expedite decision making during SAR in Lead Optimization. Assessing the specificity and selectivity of lead compounds early in development using highly relevant and predictive assays allows more informed decisions about compound safety and efficacy, ultimately leading to safer and more effective drugs.

LeadHunter Panels for In Vitro Pharmacology Profiling Services Highlights:

  • The largest menu of thoroughly validated human assays for selectivity screening & safety profiling
  • Fastest delivery of comprehensive data reports, ensuring timely critical decisions can be made with confidence
  • Over 15 years of industry experience, consistently ranked as the highest quality services

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SAFETYscan™ Service Panel

Target Class Number of Targets Applications      Turnaround Time
Safety47™ GPCR, Kinase, Nuclear Hormone Receptors,
Ion Channels, and Enzymes
47 Safety Profiling 20 days

PathHunter® Service Panels

Target Class Number of Targets Applications Turnaround Time
gpcrMAX™ GPCR 168 Selectivity, Specificity, Target Validation 20 days
orphanMAX™ Orphan GPCR 73 Ligand Fishing, De-Orphanization Programs 20 days
nhrMAX™ Nuclear Hormone Receptor 19 Selectivity, Specificity, Compound Liability 20 days
tkMAX™ Tyrosine Kinase 25 Selectivity, Target Validation 20 days
pathMAX Pathway Assays 13 Mechanism of Action of Drug Candidates 20 days

KINOMEscan® Service Panels

Target Class Number of Targets Applications      Turnaround Time
scanMAX® Kinase 468 Selectivity, Target Validation <10 days
scanEDGE® Kinase 97 Selectivity, Target Validation <10 days
bromoMAX™ Bromodomain 32 Selectivity, Target Validation 10 days
bcl2MAX BCL2 Family Proteins 5 Selectivity, Target Validation 10 days