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Kinase Screening & Profiling Services

Expedite Lead Optimization with the Broadest Kinase Menu

With over 15 years of experience in kinase drug discovery, Eurofins DiscoverX offers the largest collection of nearly 500 biochemical and cell-based kinase assays. KINOMEscan®, our novel kinase inhibitor binding platform, includes an industry leading set of kinase assays that allow rapid determination of kinome-wide compound potency and selectivity. Combining EFC technology with kinase biology expertise, our TKscanSM menu includes a growing list of functional cellular assays that detect the activation of full-length kinases in whole cells. Used alone or in combination, these powerful platforms can be applied to all stages of drug discovery and are ideal for identifying potent and selective inhibitors.
The Human Kinome

Broadest Kinome Coverage for Selectivity Screening

scanMAX® Kinase Assay Panel

The scanMAX service leverages a panel of 468 kinases covering AGC, CAMK, CMGC, CK1, STE, TK, TKL, lipid and atypical kinase families, plus important mutant forms. scanMAX is an ideal choice for all stages of drug discovery and development, to identify the most selective drug candidates from the largest collection of wildtype kinase assays.

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5-Day Turnaround ELECT Services Available Everyday

KdELECT® Kinase Service

The KdELECT service measures compound potency to support your SAR analysis. Select from the largest collection of kinases, with the broadest dynamic range, KdELECT service allows you to differentiate high potency compounds down to 100pM level. By measuring the true thermodynamic Kd values, independent of ATP concentration, facilitate direct comparison of inhibitor affinity across kinases.

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Build Your Own Kinase Panel

scanELECT® Kinase Selectivity & Profiling Service

Select from KINOMEscan's collection of 468 kinase assays and build your own customized assay panel of any size comprising only of kinases relevant to your program. scanELECT is a flexible solution to meet your screening needs of any library size or any stage in the drug discovery pipeline.

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Additional Kinase Screening & Profiling Services

scanEDGE® - Selected Kinase Assay Panel
scanTK - Tyrosine Kinase Assay Panel
TKscan - Cell-Based Tyrosine Kinase Panel