ILscan Services for Human Interleukins and their Receptors

Discover New Ligands or Anti-Receptor and Anti-Ligand Antibodies

Current cell-based methodologies to characterize biologics targeting interleukins include proliferation or cytokine release assays which require the use of primary cells. These primary cells introduce challenges with their inherent donor-to-donor variability and lack of specificity. To address these challenges, Eurofins DiscoverX offers services for a growing menu of cell-based assays for interleukins that are highly specific and can be used to screen anti-ligand or anti-receptor antibodies and enable rapid development of drugs targeting immune-system disorders.

Use the ILscan Services During:
•    Early discovery and screening

Advantages of ILscan Services
•    Discover novel new ligands
•    Screen anti-ligand and anti-receptor antibodies for most interleukin assays
•    Determine potencies of novel molecules
•    Identify the best candidates for therapeutic development with an assay that resembles in vivo biology

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Product Ligand Receptor Dimerization Part No.
PathHunter® HEK 293 IL17RA/IL17RC Dimerization Cell Line IL17A IL17RA/IL17RC 93-0931C1
PathHunter® HEK 293 IL3RA/CD131 Dimerization Cell Line IL-3 IL3RA/CD131 93-0969C1
PathHunter® U2OS IL5RA/CSF2RB Dimerization Cell Line IL-5 IL5RA/CSF2RB 93-0972C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL10RA/IL10RB Dimerization Cell Line IL-10 IL10RA/IL10RB 93-0985C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL4R/IL2RG Dimerization Cell Line IL-4 IL4R/IL2RG 93-0988C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL17RA/IL17RC Dimerization Cell Line IL-17 (IL-17A) IL17RA/IL17RC 93-0999C3
PathHunter® DLD1 IL7R/IL2RG Dimerization Cell Line IL-7 IL7R/IL2RG 93-0997C13
PathHunter® U2OS IL2RB/IL2RG Dimerization Cell Line IL-2 IL2RB/IL2RG 93-0998C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL4R/IL13RA1 Dimerization Cell Line IL-13 IL4R/IL13RA1 93-1000C3
PathHunter® HEK 293 IL4R/IL13RA1 Dimerization Cell Line IL-13 IL4R/IL13RA1 93-1001C1
PathHunter® U2OS IL31RA/OSMRb Dimerization Cell Line IL-31 IL31RA/OSMRb 93-1002C3
PathHunter® DLD1 IL7R/CRLF2 Dimerization Cell Line TSLP IL7R/CRLF2 93-1019C13
PathHunter® HEK 293 IL22RA/IL10RB1 Dimerization Cell Line IL-22 IL22RA1/IL10RB 93-1026C1
PathHunter® U2OS IL1R1/ILRAP Dimerization Cell Line IL-1α IL1R1/IL1RAP 93-1032C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL20RA/IL10RB Dimerization Cell Line IL-26 IL20RA/IL10RB 93-1020C3
PathHunter® HEK 293 IL11R/IL6ST Dimerization Cell Line IL-11 IL11RA/IL6ST 93-1028C1
PathHunter® U2OS IL2RB/IL2RG/IL2RA Dimerization Cell Line IL-2 IL2RB/IL2RG/IL2RA 93-1003C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL23R/IL12RB1 Dimerization Cell Line IL-23 IL23R/IL12RB1 93-1007C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL21R/IL2RG Dimerization Cell Line IL-21 IL21R/IL2RG 93-1035C3
PathHunter® HEK 293 IL9R/IL2RG Dimerization Cell Line IL-9 IL9R/IL2RG 93-1036C1
PathHunter® U2OS IL20RA/IL20RB Dimerization Cell Line IL-24 IL20RA/IL20RB 93-1027C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL18R1/IL18RAP Dimerization Cell Line IL-18 IL18R1/IL18RAP 93-1044C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL12RB1/IL12RB2 Dimerization Cell Line IL-12 IL12RB1/IL12RB2 93-1041C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL6RA/IL6ST Dimerization Cell Line IL-6 IL6R/IL6ST 93-1045C3
PathHunter® U2OS OSMR/IL6ST Dimerization Cell Line Oncostatin M OSMR/IL6ST 93-1056C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL1RL1/IL1RAP Dimerization Cell Line IL-33 IL1RL1/IL1RAP 93-1067C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL17RD/TNFR2 Dimerization Cell Line TNFα (human) IL17RD/TNFR2 93-1068C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL27RA/IL6ST Dimerization Cell Line IL-27 IL27RA/IL6ST 93-1119C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL18R1/IL18RAP Dimerization Cell Line IL-18 IL18R1/IL18RAP 93-1131C3
PathHunter® U2OS IL17RA/IL17RB Dimerization Cell Line IL-17E IL17RA/IL17RB 93-1150C3
PathHunter® HepG2 IL11R STAT3 Signaling Pathway Reporter Cell Line IL-11 IL11RA 93-1168C044
ILE/IC50ELECT : Measure your biologics potency values against custom-selected IL family targets or all available IL family targets

ILELECT : Screen collections or a small number of biologics against one or more custom selected IL family targets

Platform Benefits
  • Screening biologics for identification of anti-receptor or anti-ligand antibodies
  • Identify new ligands in your programs
  • Obtain results in 15 days saving months in assay development

Highly Specific Assays for Interleukin Receptors Across Multiple Families

Representative examples of assays for interleukin receptors from 6 different families of interleukins / receptors. Each plot shows a dose response for the relevant ligand(s) in a given assay from the indicated family. Data plotted are mean RLU and standard deviation from at least triplicate wells for each dose. These assays are characterized by robust assay windows and low CVs.

Dimerization of Inflammation Targets IL-23R and IL-12R is Highly Specific

Dimerization of IL-23R and IL-12R is highly specific. A. IL23R and IL12R share a common subunit (IL12RB1). Each receptor binds a heterodimeric ligand, which share the p40 subunit. Both receptors have been linked to Crohn’s disease by GWAS studies. B. Dimerization of IL-12R (IL12RB1/IL12RB2) is stimulated by IL-12, but not by IL-23 or p40 monomer. C. Dimerization of IL-23R (IL23R/ IL12RB1) is stimulated by IL-23 but not by IL-12 or p40 monomer.

Verified with Marketed Therapeutics

A Response of IL23R assay to the therapeutic antibody Ustekinumab or Stelara® (Stelara is a registered trademark of Janssen/Centacor) used to treat inflammatory diseases induced by IL-23 or IL-12. The assay has been tested with two different concentrations of IL-23 agonist, at EC80 and EC50 of the agonist response. B Cell-based assay for detecting stimulation and inhibition of IL-6 signaling through the membrane-bound IL-6R. Assay responds to IL-6 with an EC50 of 1.26ng/ml, while tocilizumab (a therapeutic antibody targeting IL-6R) inhibits IL-6-induced dimerization. C Inhibition of IL-6-dependent proliferation of KPMM2 cells with Tocilizumab. IC50 of 1ug/ml for Tocilizumab obtained with a stimulation dose of 1ng/ml (red arrow) is consistent with the IC50 sub value for tocilizumab in the IL6R dimerization assay (as in figure B) run with the same stimulation condition.  Figure adopted from Mihara et al., (2005) Int. Immunopharmacology 5: 1731-40.

Dimerization Assay Principle

The two target receptors are tagged with ProLink™ (PK) or Enzyme Acceptor (EA). Upon ligand-induced activation, the receptors dimerize forcing the two β-gal components to complement and create an active enzyme. Active β-gal generates a chemiluminescent signal in the presence of substrate