Contract Screening & Profiling Services

DiscoverX contract screening and profiling services provides you flexible and convenient access to our technology and expertise to help drive your drug discovery programs. Outsource high-throughput screens, design custom panels by selecting from a comprehensive portfolio of targets, take part in our regularly scheduled panel runs, or use our lead optimization services as a follow up study tool to support all your medicinal chemistry programs.

Add the convenience of outsourced profiling with consistent,  high quality data and accelerated turnaround times to reduce the time and cost of your discovery programs while freeing up internal scientists to focus on other high value discovery activities.

Service Features & Benefits

  • Flexible access to all major drug targets, technology formats & assay readouts
  • Reliable and quick turnaround times (5-20 business days depending on the assay type)
  • Convenient on line ordering and integrated invoicing, standardized globally
  • Customized projects and dedicated FTE’s to expand your capacity and throughput
  • Integration with custom assay development to provide novel solutions
  • Secure access to your data and a powerful visualization tool for better decision making and publication quality data

Customized Data

Custom data visualization tools and files can be created for specific user requirements.

Custom Visualization Tools

Easily select and visually highlight specific kinase interactions for each compound.