Ion Channel Solutions

High-Quality Cell Lines and Membrane Prep for Target Discovery, Hit Screening and Lead Optimization

Ion channels continue to be an important therapeutic target for a range of indications including arrhythmia, hypertension, local anesthesia, pain, stroke, epilepsy, depression, bipolar disorder, cystic fibrosis, cardiac arrhythmias, COPD, autoimmune disorders, and diabetes. Ion channels are not only significant drug targets, but they are also critical for evaluating drug safety.

Diverse Coverage:
Over 60 targets, from voltage-gated channels to slow and fast ligand-gated channels

Pharmacologically and functionally validated using our in-house  discovery and safety service panels

Biophysical and pharmacological properties characterized using conventional and automated patch clamp platforms by experienced electrophysiologists

Superior Performance:
Proprietary cell line vector technologies for optimum stability, expression, and uniform current


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PrecisION® Ion Channel Cell Lines


Fully-validated cell lines for use in cell-based functional assays including manual and automated patch clamp in fluorescent and luminescent platforms. Obtain an accurate assessment of compound selectivity and safety pharmacology.

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PathHunter® Pharmacotrafficking Assays


Simple cell-based assays to identify pharmacochaperone compounds for cystic fibrosis and cardiac arrhythmias. Monitor CFTR and hERG receptor trafficking to the membrane without the need for antibodies or imaging.

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PrecisION® hERG Membrane Preparation


Monitor potential hERG liability at the earliest phase of drug discovery using common radioligands during electrophysiological screening. This membrane prep is derived from a hERG stable cell line for lot-to-lot consistency and has a high signal-to-background ratio and specific total binding. 

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Custom Assay Development


Do not see the ion channel product you need? Consider our custom assay development services to generate the cell-based assay, cell line, or membrane preparation to help you with your research.

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