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G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) play a crucial role in many physiological functions and in the pathology of multiple diseases including cancer, endocrine, and metabolic disorders. These receptors represent the largest class of therapeutic targets. Over 30% of currently marketed drugs target these receptors, while GPCRs continue to be the focus of many active drug discovery programs.

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Whether you are developing small molecule or biologic therapeutic drugs, Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services provides you with a variety of drug discovery products and services to meet your specific GPCR research needs.



PathHunter® β-Arrestin Assays


Universal platform for discovering antagonists, studying GPCR deorphanization, and dissecting ligand pharmacology differences

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ChemiScreen™ Membrane Preps


High quality membrane preps for radioligand binding and functional GTPγS assays

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cAMP Cell Lines, Frozen Cells, and Kits

Complete assay solutions for monitoring cAMP


Calcium Cell Lines, Frozen Cells, and Kits

Directly measure calcium flux


PathHunter GPCR Internalization Assays


Quantitative secondary and orthogonal screening assays for identifying safer drugs

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PathHunter Pharmacotrafficking Assays


Simple assays to identify and optimize pharmacochaperone and study GPCR trafficking to the membrane or endosome.

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PathHunter Parental Cell Lines & Vectors


Easily build your own GPCR assays

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Custom Assay Development Services


Assay development solutions tailored to your needs

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Peer Reviewed Publications

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β-Arrestin Publications  Download Flyer

Scientific Posters and Presentations

Human GPCRome Poster Download Poster
Differentiated Receptor Pharmacology of Imipridone ONC201: The First DRD2 Antagonist in Clinical Development for Oncology  Download Poster
Interrogating Allosteric Interactions Using Multiple Readouts for GPCRs Download Poster
A Duplexed Calcium and β-Arrestin Assay Protocol for Human Histamine H1 Receptor PathHunter CHO-K1 HRH1 β-Arrestin Cell Line Download Poster
Novel Trafficking Assays for Pharmacochaperone Discovery Using Enzyme Fragment Complementation Applied to CFTR-ΔF508 Download Poster

Blog Articles

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Application Notes and Case Studies

PathHunter GPCR Internalization Assays for Monitoring Receptor Endocytosis and Recycling Read Case Study
Discovery of Novel G-Protein or Arrestin-Biased Ligands Using a Suite of GPCR Signaling Platforms Read Application Note
Rapid Quantification of Bioactive Ligands in Serum and Human Plasma Using PathHunter eXpress β-Arrestin GPCR Assays Read Application Note

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PathHunter Protein Translocation Assays  Download Flyer
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Custom Assay Development Services

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Technical Bulletins

Updated Cell Culture and Handling Procedure. Read Protocol