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PathHunter® Cell-based Assays for Human Interleukins

Functional Assays for >85% of Human Interleukins and Their Receptors

DiscoverX offers a comprehensive portfolio of cell based assays to enable the study and targeting of human interleukin proteins and their receptors. The assays are designed to be highly specific, with a simple protocol, large signal to noise ratio, high matrix tolerance and have high reproducibility. This has enabled their broad usage in functional screening, functional characterization, QC lot release assays and neutralizing antibody studies.

Key Benefits

  • Functional Assay – Identify & prioritize leads 
  • Ready to use – Save 3-6 months in assay development 
  • Fast Results – Increase lab efficiency 
  • Simple Protocol – Easy to use & implement 
  • Highly Specific – Screen crude lysates
  • Broad Applications – Screening & Lot Release Assays

Assay Protocol


Highly Specific Assays for Interleukin Receptors Across Multiple Families

Representative examples of assays for interleukin receptors from 6 different families of interleukins / receptors. Each plot shows a dose response for the relevant ligand(s) in a given assay from the indicated family. Data plotted are mean RLU and standard deviation from at least triplicate wells for each dose. These assays are characterized by robust assay windows and low CVs.

Verified with Marketed Therapeutics

A Response of IL23R assay to the therapeutic antibody Ustekinumab or Stelara® (Stelara is a registered trademark of Janssen/Centacor) used to treat inflammatory diseases induced by IL-23 or IL-12. The assay has been tested with two different concentrations of IL-23 agonist, at EC80 and EC50 of the agonist response. B Cell-based assay for detecting stimulation and inhibition of IL-6 signaling through the membrane-bound IL-6R. Assay responds to IL-6 with an EC50 of 1.26ng/ml, while tocilizumab (a therapeutic antibody targeting IL-6R) inhibits IL-6-induced dimerization. C Inhibition of IL-6-dependent proliferation of KPMM2 cells with Tocilizumab. IC50 of 1ug/ml for Tocilizumab obtained with a stimulation dose of 1ng/ml (red arrow) is consistent with the IC50 sub value for tocilizumab in the IL6R dimerization assay (as in figure B) run with the same stimulation condition.  Figure adopted from Mihara et al., (2005) Int. Immunopharmacology 5: 1731-40.

Assay List

Ligand Ligand Synonyms Assay Mechanism Cell Line Part # eXpress Kit Part #
CLCF1 CLCF1 ; BSF-3; BSF3; CISS2; CLC; NNT-1; NNT1; NR6 - Contact Us  
CNTF CNTF ; HCNTF - Contact Us  
CTF1 CTF1 - Contact Us  
G-CSF CSF3; G-CSF; GCSF SH2 Recruitment 93-0809C3 93-0809E3CP16M
IL-1A IL1A ; IL-1A; IL1; IL1-ALPHA; IL1F1 IkB degradation 93-0538C15  
IL-1R1 / IL-1RAP 93-1032C3 93-1032E3CP5M
IL-1B IL1B ; IL-1; IL1-BETA; IL1F2 IkB degradation 93-0538C15  
IL-1R1 / IL-1RAP 93-1032C3 93-1032E3CP5M
IL-1F10 IL1F10 ; FIL1-theta; IL-1HY2; IL-38; IL1-theta; IL1HY2 - Contact Us  
IL-1RN IL1RN ; DIRA; ICIL-1RA; IL-1RN; IL-1ra; IL-1ra3; IL1F3; IL1RA; IRAP; MVCD4 IkB degradation 93-0538C15  
IL-1R1 / IL-1RAP 93-1032C3 93-1032E3CP5M
IL-2 IL2 ; IL-2; TCGF; lymphokine IL-2RB  / IL-2RG 93-0998C3 93-0998E3CP5M
IL-2RB / IL-2RG / IL-2RA 93-1003C3 93-1003E3CP0M
IL-3 IL3 ; IL-3; MCGF; MULTI-CSF IL-3R / CSF2RB 93-0969C1  
IL-4 IL4 ; BCGF-1; BCGF1; BSF-1; BSF1; IL-4 IL-4R / IL-2RG 93-0988C3 93-0988E3CP5M
IL-4R/ IL-13R 93-1000C3 93-1000E3CP5M
IL-4R/ IL-13R 93-1001C1 93-1001E1CP0M
IL-5 IL5 ; EDF; IL-5; TRF IL-5R / CSF2RB 93-0972C3 93-0972E3CP0M
IL-6 IL6 ; BSF2; HGF; HSF; IFNB2; IL-6  IL-6RA /IL-6ST 93-1045C3 93-1045E3CP5M
IL-7 IL7 ; IL-7 IL-7R / IL-2RG 93-0997C13 93-0997E13CP0M
IL-8 CXCL8 ; GCP-1; GCP1; IL8; LECT; LUCT; LYNAP; MDNCF; MONAP; NAF; NAP-1; NAP1 CXCR2  93-0202C2 93-0202E2CP0M
CXCR1 93-0226C3 93-0226E3CP0M
IL-9 IL9 ; HP40; IL-9; P40 IL-9R / IL-2RG 93-1036C1  
IL-10 IL10 ; CSIF; GVHDS; IL-10; IL10A; TGIF IL-10RA / IL-10RB 93-0985C3 93-0985E3CP0M
IL-11 IL11 ; AGIF; IL-11 IL-11R / IL-6ST 93-1028C1  
IL-12 IL12, p70 IL-12RB1 / IL-12RB2 93-1041C3  
IL-13 IL13 ; IL-13; P600 IL-4R / IL-13R 93-1000C3 93-1000E3CP5M
93-1001C1 93-1001E1CP0M
IL-14 TXLNA ; IL14; TXLN - Contact Us  
IL-15 IL15 ; IL-15 IL-2RB / IL-2RG 93-0998C3 93-0998E3CP5M
IL-2RB / IL-2RG / IL-15RA Contact Us  
IL-16 IL16 ; LCF; NIL16; PRIL16; prIL-16 - Contact Us  
IL-17A IL17A ; CTLA8; IL-17; IL-17A; IL17 IL-17RA / IL-17RC 93-0999C3 93-0999E3CP0M
IL-17A/F IL-17A/F IL-17RA / IL-17RC 93-0999C3 93-0999E3CP0M
IL-17B   - Contact Us  
IL-17C   - Contact Us  
IL-17D   - Contact Us  
IL-17E IL25 ; IL17E - Contact Us  
IL-17F IL-17F IL-17RA / IL-17RC 93-0999C3 93-0999E3CP0M
IL-18 IL18 ; IGIF; IL-18; IL-1g; IL1F4 IL-18R / IL-18RAcP 93-1044C3  
IL-19 IL19 ; IL-10C; MDA1; NG.1; ZMDA1 IL-20R1 / IL-20R2 93-1027C3  
IL-20 IL20 ; IL-20; IL10D; ZCYTO10 IL-20R1 / IL-20R2 93-1027C3  
IL-22R / IL-20R2 Contact Us  
IL-21 IL21 ; CVID11; IL-21; Za11 IL-21R / IL-2RG 93-1035C3  
IL-22 IL22 ; IL-21; IL-22; IL-D110; IL-TIF; ILTIF; TIFIL-23; TIFa; zcyto18 IL-22R / IL-10RB  93-1026C1  
IL-23 IL23A ; IL-23; IL-23A; IL23P19; P19; SGRF IL-23R / IL-12RB1 93-1007C3 93-1007E3CP0M
IL-24 IL24 ; C49A; FISP; IL10B; MDA7; MOB5; ST16 IL-20R1 / IL-20R2 93-1027C3  
IL-22R / IL-20R2 Contact Us  
IL-26 IL26 ; AK155; IL-26 IL-20R1 / IL-10RB 93-1020C3 93-1020E3CP0M
IL-27 IL30, p28 IL6ST / LIFR / IL27R Contact Us  
IL-28A IL28A, IFNL2 IFNLR1 / IL-10RB 93-0993C3  93-0993E3CP5M
IL-28B IL28B, IFNL3 IFNLR1 / IL-10RB 93-0993C3  93-0993E3CP5M
IL-29 IFNL1 ; IL-29; IL29 IFNLR1 / IL-10RB 93-0993C3  93-0993E3CP5M
IL-31 IL31 ; IL-31 OSMRb / IL-31RA 93-1002C3 93-1002E3CP5M
IL-32 IL32 ; IL-32alpha; IL-32beta; IL-32delta; IL-32gamma; NK4; TAIF; TAIFa; TAIFb; TAIFc; TAIFd - Contact Us  
IL-33 IL33 ; C9orf26; DVS27; IL1F11; NF-HEV; NFEHEV; RP11-575C20.2 IL1RL1 (ST2) / IL-1RAP 93-1067C3  
IL-34 IL34 ; C16orf77; IL-34 CSF1R / CSF1R 93-1061C3  
IL-35 IL-35 IL-12RB2 / IL-6ST Contact Us  
IL-36A IL36A ; FIL1; FIL1(EPSILON); FIL1E; IL-1F6; IL1(EPSILON); IL1F6 IL1RL2 / IL1RAP Contact Us  
IL-36B IL36B ; FIL1; FIL1-(ETA); FIL1H; FILI-(ETA); IL-1F8; IL-1H2; IL1-ETA; IL1F8; IL1H2 IL1RL2 / IL1RAP Contact Us  
IL-36C IL36G ; IL-1F9; IL-1H1; IL-1RP2; IL1E; IL1F9; IL1H1; IL1RP2 IL1RL2 / IL1RAP Contact Us  
IL-36RN IL-36RA; IL36RA IL1RL2 / IL1RAP Contact Us  
IL-37 IL37 ; FIL1; FIL1(ZETA); FIL1Z; IL-1F7; IL-1H; IL-1H4; IL-1RP1; IL-37; IL1F7; IL1H4; IL1RP1 IL18R / IL18RAcP 93-1044C3  
NP Neuropoietin - Contact Us  
M-CSF CSF1 ; CSF-1; MCSF CSF1R / CSF1R 93-1061C3  
OSM OSM ; MGC20461 OSMRb / IL-6ST 93-1056C3  
TSLP TSLP IL-7R/TSLP-R 93-1019C13  

Dimerization Assay Principle

One receptor in the dimer pair is tagged with the PK fragment of the β-gal reporter, while the second receptor is fused to the EA component of β-gal. When the ligand engages the receptors, it causes it to functionally dimerize with its heterodimer partner, bringing the fragments of the β-gal reporter into close proximity. This forces complementation, creating an active enzyme that hydrolyzes substrate to generate chemiluminescence.