HitHunter® cAMP Assay Product Change Notice

Effective January 12, 2015, the historic kit, HitHunter cAMP XS+ will be changing to two new application specific kits.

Historical Kit

HitHunter cAMP XS+ (Prod. No. 90-0075S, 90-0075, 90-0075L, 90-0075XL)

New Application Specific Kits

HitHunter cAMP Assay for Biologics (Prod. No. 90-0075LM series)
HitHunter cAMP Assay for Small Molecules (Prod. No. 90-0075SM series)
Changes Made Identical to Previous Kit
Optimized protocol by application Expected results
Changed kit sizes and additional reagent volume Reagent formulations and components
New product numbers and names Technology principle
Redesigned user manual General procedure


Summary of Changes

Product Names, Numbers and Kit Sizes

Bulk quantities are available upon request


Application Specific Kits
HitHunter cAMP Assay for Biologics HitHunter cAMP Assay for Small Molecules
Product No. Size Configuration Product No. Size Configuration
90-0075LM2 200/800 dp (96-well/384-well) 90-0075SM2 200/800 dp (96-well/384-well)
90-0075LM10 1,000/4,000 dp (96-well/384-well) 90-0075SM10 1,000/4,000 dp (96-well/384-well)
90-0075LM25 2,500/10,000 dp (96-well/384-well) 90-0075SM25 2,500/10,000 dp (96-well/384-well)


User Manual Changes

  • Updated general format and layout of the manual to a new design that incorporates additional images and clearer instructions in an easy-to-follow step-by-step process
  • FAQs and user important notes as call-outs throughout user manual have been incorporated
  • Updated the typical results and protocol flowchart (quick-start procedure)
  • Included an appendix section with protocol modifications for antagonists, crude biologics, positive allosteric modulators (PAMs), negative allosteric modulators (NAMs), and other protocol variation

Protocol Comparison

The figures below show a comparison of results using the HitHunter cAMP XS+ kit and the New HitHunter cAMP Assays. Results in both figures indicate reproducible EC50 and signal to background values when run side by side.