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Whether you are developing small molecules or biologics, DiscoverX products will enable you to "discover" your next therapeutic gem. Our expanding portfolio of cell-based and biochemical assays together with our assay-optimized reagents are designed to support the needs of our customers at every stage of development, from high-throughput screening to profiling and from lead optimization to preclinical and clinical development.




Cell Lines

DiscoverX offers the most comprehensive portfolio of stable, pre-validated GPCR cell lines to measure receptor signaling through second messenger, arrestin recruitment, and internalization readouts.
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Assay Ready Kits

DiscoverX Assay Ready Kits include our eXpress™, Profiler™, and eXplorer™ brands. These are complete, ready-to-use kits that include cells and reagents to rapidly perform functional assays in live cells. Free yourself from lengthy cell culture, expensive instrumentation and complex assay development! Obtain robust, reliable and high-throughput data in a chemiluminescent format.
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Biochemical & 2nd Messenger Assays

DiscoverX offers a complete suite of validated biochemical assays in multiple assay platforms including competition binding, immunoassays and activity based assays.  These complete, ready-to-use, biochemical kits include all reagents and are available in chemiluminescent and fluorescent readouts.
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Detection Reagents

Get optimal assay performance using certified chemiluminescent or fluorescent PathHunter® Detection Reagents that have been validated for use in both 96-well and 384-well microplate formats.
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Cell Culture Kits, Reagents & Consumables

Performance you can trust!  Lab-certified PathHunter® cell culture media, tissue culture reagents, and plates are specifically formulated for our PathHunter®, HitHunter® and InCELL Hunter™ products to provide high quality, consistent, reproducible results every time.
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Ligands & Inhibitors

DiscoverX offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality validated reference agonists, antagonists and inhibitors for GPCRs, Kinases, NHRs and other Pathways –  necessary tools to complete and control your cell-based assays.
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Build Your Own Assay Tools

DiscoverX offers a complete set of tools for building your own stable cell lines and cell-based assays to take advantage of our proprietary Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) detection technology.
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Bioassays for Biologics

DiscoverX PathHunter® bioassays are highly validated, simple, target-specific cell-based assays that support multiple stages of the biologics development pipeline for biopharmaceutical development.
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Bioassays for Biosimilars & Biobetters

Accelerate development with cell-based assays that use a homogenous protocol to provide results in less than a few hours. Complete, robust and ready-to-use, these assays feature high tolerance for matrix components for enabled rapid development of validated neutralizing antibody (NAb) assays for immunogenicity testing.
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Application Areas



Learn how you can rapidly screen and develop antibodies targeting checkpoint receptors, bi-specific antibodies, small molecules, or cellular therapies such as chimeric antigen receptor T-cells (CAR-T).
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Combination Therapies

Combination therapy has emerged as a powerful treatment option that shows promise in overcoming the compensatory mechanisms and pathway redundancies which are typical of complex disease.  With the BioMAP® Combination Therapy Service, DiscoverX now enables the identification of drug combinations that are either additive or antagonistic across an extensive panel of early passage human primary cell types covering a wide range of biology and mechanisms.
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Therapeutic/Disease Area

DiscoverX offers solutions for many target classes across multiple therapeutic & disease areas to facilitate your product discovery and development process.
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Toxicity & Safety

Comprehensive kinome- & GPCRome-wide coverage affords unprecedented understanding of compound selectivity to identify potential off target liabilities while supporting the identification and development of compounds with the best probability of clinical success.
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