Aurora C, active

N-terminal 6His-tagged recombinant, human Aurora C amino acids 35-end and N-terminal GST-tagged recombinant, human INCENP amino acids 821-end.

Catalog #: 14-911


Biological Information
Background Information:
Aurora C Protein is a member of the Aurora subfamily of serine/threonine protein kinases. It is a chromosomal passenger protein that forms complexes with Aurora-B and inner centromere proteins and may play a role in organizing microtubules in relation to centrosome/spindle function during mitosis. This gene is overexpressed in several cancer cell lines, suggesting an involvement in oncogenic signal transduction. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.  GenBank AB017332.1 / GenBank NM_020238.2
Target Class:
Accession Number:
Target Name:
Aurora C
Target Aliases:
AIK32 3, ARK-3, STK13, ARK3, AurC
Target Species:
Product Type:
Drug Discovery & Development
Storage Conditions:
6 months at -70°C
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