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Ligand bias made simple Learn More »

KINOMEscan® Expands: 489 Assays

20 New Assays; CDK10, CDK12, CDK20, MLKL and MLKL (full length), IRAK2 & More


CFTR Pharmacotrafficking Assay

Novel cell-based platform to identify pharmacochaperones; mutant rescue therapies »


New Service for Predictive In Vitro Drug Combination Studies

Primary human cell models identify potential safe & efficacious drug combinations »


New CytoTracker™ Cell-Based Assays

Measure cell viability and quantify cellular metabolites »


RIPK1/3 - The Key to Stopping Necrotic Cell Death?

Only provider of kinase assays to  RIPK1 & RIPK3, implicated in systemic inflammation, chemoresistance & more »


Emerging Role of Pseudokinases: New Potential for Kinase Inhibitors?

Mounting evidence points to pseudokinases playing a dramatic role to influence cellular activity via allosteric regulation of other receptors »