Integrated Solutions for Drug Discovery

What we do

DiscoveRx provides integrated drug discovery and development solutions beginning from target validation going all the way through to clinical and beyond. This provides our partners the ability to team with a single solution provider for their drug discovery and drug development needs with seamless transition from one stage to the next and associated benefits of timeline compression.

Enabling proprietary technology 

By leveraging our three proven technology platforms – BioMAP® Phenotypic Screening Platform, Enzyme Fragment Complementation and KINOMEscan® Competition Binding Assay Platform, we offer solutions that address critical needs in preclinical drug discovery programs including Oncology, Immuno-oncology, CNS, Inflammation, and Metabolic Diseases and more. 

Fully solutions integration

We are able to offer a unique and wholly integrated approach to drug discovery and drug development which has allowed us to support partner efforts in developing high quality therapeutic candidates while reducing clinical attrition.

Our Capabilities

Stages of discovery served

Target Validation
High throughput screening
Hit Identification
Lead Generation
Lead Optimization & SAR
Preclinical safety and beyond

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