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Now Available: Expanded BROMOscan® Menu – now 40 Bromodomain Assays!

Our menu of bromodomain assays just got bigger and better!

LeadHunter Discovery Services, a leading provider of epigenetic screening and profiling services, is excited to announce the expansion of its bromodomain assay menu with the addition of 8 new assays in the bromoMAX panel.

We also offer 6 additional bromoKdELECT assays that can be combined with the existing bromoMAX panel of 32 assays to give you selectivity profiling information across 40 unique bromodomain assays. New bromoKdELECT assays include novel BRD8(1), BRD8(2) and tandem BET family assays providing you the ability to perform quantitative Kd follow-up on hits from your primary screen or compare potency and selectivity between single and tandem bromodomain assays. 

New Bromodomain Assay Highlights

  • 8 new assays available for single point testing in bromoMAX - now 32 targets
  • Total of 40 bromoKdELECT assays
  • New BET family tandem assays available
  • Multiple putative therapeutic targets
  • Includes additions to II, III and VIII families

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New Human Bromodomain Assays

Gene Symbol

Bromodomain Protein Name

Entrez Gene Symbol


Accession No.

BRD2(1,2) bromodomain-containing protein 2 isoform 1, bromodomains 1 and 2 BRD2 II NP_005095.1
BRD3(1,2) bromodomain-containing protein 3, bromodomains 1 and 2 BRD3 II NP_031397.1
BRDT(1,2) bromodomain testis-specific protein isoform b, bromodomains 1 and 2 BRDT II NP_001717.2
BRD8(1) bromodomain containing 8, bromodomain 1 BRD8 III NP_631938.1
BRD8(2) bromodomain containing 8, bromodomain 2 BRD8 III NP_631938.1
SMARCA4 SWI/SNF related, matrix associated, actin dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, member 4 SMARCA4 VIII NP_003063.2