Rapidly Develop Drugs Targeting Interleukins with New PathHunter® Cell-Based Assays from DiscoverX

Release date: 1/5/2016

PathHunter® portfolio expansion with Interleukin cell-based assays

Fremont, CA – January, 5, 2016 – DiscoverX Corporation, the leading supplier of innovative cell-based assays and services for drug discovery and development, announces the expansion of its PathHunter® cell-based assays portfolio with the release of PathHunter Interleukin cell-based assays.  Interleukins are a group of immune-modulatory cytokines that play a prominent role in immune system disorder-related diseases, making them high profile drug targets.  Dr. Todd R. Nelson, CEO of DiscoverX, noted that, “This industry-leading interleukin assay portfolio from DiscoverX will enable researchers to rapidly advance drug discovery programs through the identification of molecules that can modulate the function of this valuable target class. With assays available for almost all known human interleukins, this unique portfolio can be expected to accelerate drug discovery and development for the creation of better medicines to treat immune system disorders."  Nelson continued, “The addition of this important target class to our kinase and GPCR cell-based assay portfolio, allows DiscoverX to offer the largest and most comprehensive cell-based assay portfolio in the industry.”
PathHunter Interleukin assays measure receptor activation through receptor-receptor interactions at the surface of intact live cells. These ready-to-use cell-based assays save researchers 3-6 months of assay development time and provide rapid results in less than 24 hours, increasing the efficiency of any lab. The simple homogenous protocol, unparalleled specificity, robust signal to noise ratio and superior reproducibility of the PathHunter Interleukin assays enables their use in a variety of drug discovery and development applications such as functional screening, characterization, and QC lot release assays for biologic and bio-better drugs.  According to Theresa Schaub, Sr. VP of Global Marketing for DiscoverX, "The PathHunter Interleukin assays, created using our patented EFC technology, are ideal for companies creating drugs that target interleukin proteins or their receptors. Users will fully benefit from the speed and efficiency with which these assays provide robust and reproducible results, enabling their broad usage.”  
For more information on the PathHunter Interleukin cell-based assays, visit www.discoverx.com/interleukins

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DiscoverX Corporation, headquartered in Fremont, CA, USA, is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of biochemical and cell-based assays for the drug discovery & life science markets. This industry-leading portfolio of products and services, under the KINOMEscan®, PathHunter® and BioMAP® brands, are used to aid life science research and enable rapid development of safe and effective biologic and small molecule drugs, by improving research productivity, effectiveness of screening, lead optimization & bioanalytical campaigns, as well as providing predictive tools that deliver physiologically relevant insights on drug molecules from early discovery through pre-clinical development. DiscoverX embodies an innovative approach to creating life science tools that have been widely adopted across the globe in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic laboratories.