New Customizable Biophysics Services

New Customizable Biophysics Services

Release date: 3/9/2023

SAN DIEGO, CA – Eurofins Discovery announces valuable new developments to its custom Biophysics Services. Biophysical assays are now an integral part of the Early Discovery service line. They employ high-quality tailor-made targeted proteins developed by Eurofins DiscoverX®

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 9, 2023 — Eurofins Discovery, the leading provider of products and services to the drug discovery industry, announces valuable new developments to its custom Biophysics Services. Biophysical assays are now an integral part of the Early Discovery service line, and are executed in purpose-built laboratory space. Performed on fragments and small molecules as well as targeted protein degradation (PROTACs®), they employ high-quality tailor-made targeted proteins developed by Eurofins DiscoverX®, the trusted product solutions provider that is part of Eurofins Discovery.
In the early drug discovery process, biophysics has been proven to be crucial in identifying and characterizing small molecules for targets of interest. From hit identification to lead optimization, biophysics is specifically instrumental in finding chemical leads with well-described mechanisms of action. Available as stand-alone LeadHunter® services as well as a part of an integrated DiscoveryOne program, Eurofins Discovery uses state-of-the-art equipment to support clients at multiple stages of their drug discovery projects.
Eurofins Discovery’s Biophysics Services harnesses the power of different cutting-edge technologies. including SPR, MST (TRIC) & Spectral Shift, TSA, ITC and Mass Spectrometry. Drawing on its extensive scientific expertise, the team supports fragment-based screening campaigns using relevant fragment libraries, follow-up strategies for hit profiling, as well as Medicinal Chemistry analysis to support Activity Relationships (SAR) programs.
By using the different and complementary biophysics technologies available, clients can develop a full understanding of the affinity of the interaction, the kinetics, the thermodynamics parameters and the mechanism of action (MoA) of their small molecules — saving clients time and money down the road.

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