DiscoverX Partners with B’SYS GmbH to Expand SAFETYscan In Vitro Pharmacological Profiling Services

Release date: 4/10/2017

Announcing the partnership with B'SYS GmbH to expand SAFETYscan™ in vitro pharmacological profiling services

Fremont, CA – April 10, 2017 – DiscoverX Corporation, the leading supplier of innovative cell-based assays and services for drug discovery and development, today announced their partnership with B’SYS GmbH to expand DiscoverX’s SAFETYscan in vitro pharmacological profiling services for ion channel assays. SAFETYscan services provide scientists an advanced platform to identify undesirable off-target effects of drug candidates early in the discovery and development process.

Gaining a better understanding of the safety profile of drug candidates early is crucial to reduce safety-related attrition. DiscoverX’s SAFETYscan in vitro pharmacological profiling services offer functional assays to identify potential adverse events before expensive animal studies or clinical trials. The functional readouts significantly reduce false positives, saving time and resources for follow up studies. Owing to the prominent physiological roles of ion channels in cellular excitation, ion channels are important targets to be included for off-target screening. By partnering with ion channel patch-clamp experts, B’SYS, DiscoverX now offers drug developers SAFETYscan ion channel safety profiling services for both fluorescence assays and the gold standard patch clamp service. With over 13 years of experience, originating from GLP services, B’SYS offers a broad portfolio of high quality ion channel patch-clamp assays.

“By partnering with B’SYS, DiscoverX solidifies its position as the leading provider of safety profiling services for the drug discovery industry with a comprehensive menu of supported targets, including the very important ion channels,” stated Todd R. Nelson, Ph.D., CEO of DiscoverX. Daniel Konrad, CEO of B’SYS, stated, “We are excited about the partnership with DiscoverX, a world-class service provider, to expand our reach to serve the global market with patch-clamp ion channel services.”

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About DiscoverX
DiscoverX Corporation, headquartered in Fremont, CA, USA, is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of biochemical and cell-based assays for the drug discovery & life science markets. This industry-leading portfolio of products and services, under the KINOMEscan®, PathHunter® and BioMAP® brands, are used to aid life science research and enable rapid development of safe and effective biologic and small molecule drugs, by improving research productivity, effectiveness of screening, lead optimization & bioanalytical campaigns, as well as providing predictive tools that deliver physiologically relevant insights on drug molecules from early discovery through pre-clinical development. DiscoverX embodies an innovative approach to creating life science tools that have been widely adopted across the globe in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic laboratories.

About B’SYS GmbH
B’SYS GmbH, headquartered in Witterswil, Basel Area, Switzerland is a leader in the design and sale of ion channel based assays. The current offering of more than 70 ion channel assays and cell lines covers all important voltage and ligand gated ion channels from CNS / PNS and heart and includes all CiPA relevant targets. B’SYS serves the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech customers worldwide and works together with customers to speed the drug-development process and thus, to save time and money on the way to better and safer drugs. BSYS validates the, function, and pharmacology of each ion channel using conventional and automated patch-clamping, and arranges them into ion channel panels. B’SYS uses its product catalog to provide a wide range of safety services from de-risking in early discovery up to GLP compliant preclinical cardiac risk assessment to enable the entry of drugs into humans. In addition, B’SYS licenses ion channel cell lines to assist customers with discovery and profiling.

Media Contact
Theresa Schaub, Sr. VP Global Marketing, DiscoverX