DiscoverX Announces Extension of Agreement with Blueprint Medicines

Release date: 12/8/2015

FREMONT, Calif., Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- DiscoverX Corporation (, a leading global provider of drug discovery products and services, today announced the successful completion of multi-year, kinase-based screening activities for Blueprint Medicines, as well as the extension of the parties' agreement to conduct additional screening activities.

Under the terms of the initial agreement, Blueprint Medicines used DiscoverX's industry-leading KINOMEscan® high throughput screening platform, comprised of nearly 500 wild-type and disease-relevant mutant kinase assays, to annotate its proprietary library of diverse and novel kinase inhibitors with broad in vitro potency and selectivity data. Under the extended agreement, Blueprint Medicines will continue to use KINOMEscan® to screen new compounds as it expands its library. Blueprint Medicines' annotated library provides high-quality medicinal chemistry starting points that enable quick-starts to its drug discovery programs. Blueprint Medicines maintains sole ownership of all compounds and compound data.

"The ability to characterize the diverse collection of kinase inhibitors in our proprietary compound library provides us with unique insights into the potency and selectivity of a potential drug candidate early in the discovery process, helping us accelerate lead identification," said Tim Guzi, Blueprint Medicines' Vice President of Chemistry. "We look forward to continuing to work with DiscoverX as we expand our library with additional novel kinase inhibitor scaffolds."

Daniel K. Treiber Ph.D., Vice President of Research of DiscoverX's KINOMEscan® division stated: "The panel breadth, rapid turnaround times and outstanding data accuracy of our KINOMEscan® platform were key assets in annotating Blueprint Medicine's compound library. We look forward to continuing our work together."

Todd R. Nelson Ph.D., CEO of DiscoverX stated: "Our successful relationship with Blueprint Medicines serves to further demonstrate the value of our KINOMEscan® platform in generating important data to support our drug discovery partners' lead identification and optimization efforts."

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