Comprehensive PathHunter® Assay Portfolio Driving Antibody Therapeutic Discovery Programs

Release date: 5/1/2012

California, USA - May 1, 2012 - DiscoveRx Corporation, a global provider of innovative assay solutions used in assay development, drug screening and profiling, announced that its PathHunter assays are gaining widespread adoption in large molecule therapeutic discovery campaigns and especially for discovery, characterization and functional QC of antibody therapeutics. In the last 5 years, therapeutics discovery has continued to move toward large molecules and biologics for drug development, in areas previously dominated by small molecules. Now, the scientific community has access to over 400 PathHunter GPCR, Kinase and signaling bio-assays to expedite discovery of neutralizing, blocking or activating antibodies. This proven platform exhibits unparalleled specificity, reliability and sensitivity compatible with a variety of antibody samples such as phage supernatants, sera and hybridoma culture.

“DiscoveRx PathHunter GPCR and Receptor tyrosine kinase assays continue to be well received by the research and biopharma community,” said Dr. Pyare Khanna, President and CEO, in a press release. “We anticipate continued success in the use of our cell-based assays in antibody and biotherapeutic discovery efforts ongoing in cancer, immunology, inflammation, cardiovascular, metabolic disease, and other key therapeutic areas. Today, many drugs approved for release are large-molecule therapeutics composed of antibodies and biologics. These biologics, along with small-molecule drugs, create a need for validated functional cell-based assays, and the availability of a validated portfolio will expedite these programs.” Dr. Khanna further notes “Many companies are already quite successful in utilizing our platform for their antibody characterization and the commercial potential is tremendous.”

By making this platform available for Biotherapeutics, DiscoveRx continues to expand its leadership position in providing innovative tools and solutions for small and large molecule drug discovery research.

About DiscoveRx Corporation
Founded in 2000, DiscoveRx is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Fremont, California, with additional offices in San Diego, California and Birmingham, England. The Company pioneered the use of β-galactosidase enzyme fragment complementation (EFC) in HitHunter® biochemical and PathHunter® cell based assays for discovery research. In addition to the EFC platform, DiscoveRx also holds extensive intellectual property for its second core technology, an in vitro binding assay platform called KINOMEscan®. Utilizing these two proprietary platforms, DiscoveRx has developed and commercialized industry leading panels of GPCR, Kinase, and NHR assay solutions for drug discovery research.  Many of DiscoveRx’s innovative solutions have been widely adopted in pharmaceutical, academic and biotechnology laboratories worldwide. For more information, visit

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