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Collaborations & Partnerships

Supporting Drug Discovery through Partnering Excellence

DiscoverX® Management encourages collaborations with a host of pharmaceutical companies, academic institutes, biotech vendors and service providers as well as assay development organizations.

  • We recognize vast potential of our core platforms: β-galactosidase based Enzyme Fragment Technology and KINOMEscanSM in-vitro binding assay that cannot be addressed by one business model or organization alone
  • Our technology platforms and solution portfolio add significant value by enhancing and expediting the drug discovery and development process, from library and lead discovery screening to lead optimization, preclinical and clinical development
  • We seek to learn from the work of others and share our experience and expertise with others in the field

Our innovative team includes experts in cell-based assay development, receptor biology, kinase biology, drug discovery, high throughput laboratory automation and bioinformatics, and enjoys opportunities to explore new ways in which to position our growing technology portfolio to build and sustain value-creating integrated drug discovery solutions to meet partner needs at every stage. We welcome inquires regarding potential discovery alliances and exploring value-creating corporate alliances in a variety of mutually beneficial collaboration structures.

Please contact for any the following opportunities:

  • Drug Discovery Partnerships
  • Distribution Opportunities
  • Product Development Collaboration

Discover for yourself what our key partners have known for years!

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