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Custom Development Capabilities

Custom Development Capabilities

Access decades of cell-based assay development, cell line engineering, and recombinant enzyme development expertise.


GPCR Cell-based Assays

Over 90% targets covered across the human GPCRome to always find an assay for your target of interest


Fast-forward discovery with our eXpanded menu of qualified Bioassay Kits

Offering the largest collection of ready-to-use, MOA-reflective, cell-based assays in the industry for developing biologic therapeutics

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Functional Assays for the Development of Agonistic Antibodies

Functional Assays for the Development of Agonistic Antibodies

September 14th, 8AM PT/ 11AM ET / 3PM GMT About this Webinar Agonistic antibodies are emerging as promising therapeutics for targeting immune checkpoints, particularly those within the TNF receptor superfamily, as they play a crucial role in regulating immune cell function, especially in the context of cancer treatment. In addition, there is a growing focus […]