Eurofins DiscoverX Resources and Tools Overview

Eurofins DiscoverX provides resources and tools to help enable and accelerate your research.  Download flyers, brochure, white papers, application notes, posters, and presentation; listen to webinars, read educational blogs, or look up peer-reviewed publications from experts in the field; learn about our CRO bioassay certification program or EFC technology; or determine instrumentation or reagents needs for cell-based assays. 

Document Resource Library

Our online document resource library contains our most popular resources such as brochures, flyers, user manuals and more available for immediate download.  See how we are helping customers overcome screening bottlenecks and creating solutions that provide results through posters, presentations, case studies, white papers, and applications notes. 


Eurofins DiscoverX offers a number of upcoming and previously recorded webinars, recorded online meetings and presentations that cover a variety of relevant topics, tools and data analysis techniques.


Learn about cell-based and biochemical screening and other topics relevant topics written by key opinion leaders and Eurofins DiscoverX expertise to help you advance your drug discovery and development programs.

Publications & References

Review select Eurofins DiscoverX peer-reviewed publications grouped by technology platform and signaling pathway.

CRO/CDMO Certification

The CRO/CDMO Certification Program from Eurofins DiscoverX is designed to qualify CRO/CDMOs to run our bioassays. Certified CRO/CDMOs are then marketed to biopharma clients focused on their downstream therapeutic efforts.


Reagent calculators for Detection Kits & Reagents

Instrument Compatibility Chart

Instruments for luminescence and fluorescence readouts.